Josée Ouzilleau

Josée Ouzilleau
Lawyer Since 2010 

Insurance Group

Defending brilliantly the interests of insured and insurers parties before the tribunals in numerous civil liability cases, Ms. Ouzilleau frequently participates in alternative dispute resolution methods.  A committed pro bono attorney for the Service de consultation à la Cour du Québec, small claims division, as well as with the Association des femmes d’assurance du Québec, she contributes in spreading the professionalism of our group in every case where her expertise is taken advantage of. 


  • Involvement and distinctions

    • Service de consultation à la Cour du Québec, division des petites créances (bénévole)
    • Association des femmes d’assurance de Québec (comité du recrutement et services aux membres)
  • Associations

    Membre de l’Association des femmes d’assurance du Québec


Tel.: (418) 658-9966
Fax: (418) 658-6100

Assistant :
Line Loignon
(418) 658-9966 #228


Droit (Université Laval, 2009)


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