Physical Injury


Our firm has a long history of defending victims of physical injuries resulting from a fault committed by a private party or a company. The circumstances of the injuries at the origin of the claim vary widely, e.g., falls, construction accidents, boating accidents, sporting and recreational accidents, and aircraft accidents. 

We offer a first telephone consultation free of charge in order to examine the different options open to our clients. Then, following preliminary analysis, we can usually represent our clients upon signing of a contingency fee agreement. This approach is part of our effort to make justice as accessible as possible and avoid ruining the victims financially.

Our results are enviable, legal proceedings or not. Our clients are often referred to us by clients we have served in the past as well as by colleagues and judges.


Since we represent a large number of insurance companies, our firm also regularly represents the defendants in cases of physical injury. These companies will consult us for legal opinions and ask us to represent one of their insured clients involved in a civil liability lawsuit.

In some cases, we represent the victim who is suing, while in others, we represent the insured party being sued. This allows us to get an overall picture of this type of dispute. Our clients are the first to benefit, as they receive more complete legal advice.

Legal services :

  • Aviation injuries
  • Boating accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Damage from a catastrophe
  • Dog bites
  • Falls
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Sporting injuries / recreatinal accidents

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