It is not easy to define a sector as vast as Insurance Law. Note that we represent both insured parties and insurers in their dealings with each other, insured parties such as cities and municipalities, firemen, companies, professionals and private parties at the request of their insurer when they are sued for liability. We intervene in matters of regulation of market intermediaries (brokers) and insurers. Every day we are required to interpret insurance policies, both for insurers and for insured parties.


– Personal Property Insurance
– Personal Insurance
– General Insurance
– Home Insurance
– Liability Insurance
– Life Insurance
– Construction
– Insurance Brokers and Distribution of Insurance Products
– Insurance Coverage
– Transportation and Lading Law
– Exclusion
– Setting Up and Incorporating Mutual Insurance Companies

– Fire
– Letter of Reserve
– Litigation Against the Autorité des marchés financiers
– Duty to Defend in Civil Liability Insurance
– Class Action
– Drawing Up and Interpretation of Insurance Policies
– Manufacturer and Product Liability
– Administrator and CEO Liability
– Environmental and Pollution Liability
– Municipal Liability
– Professional Liability
– Hidden Defects

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