The responsibilities of local and regional municipalities are widespread. Our goal is to elaborate with you solutions that are adapted to your needs. We advise municipalities, RCMs, inter-municipal boards, and school commissions as well as private companies and individuals. Other than our representations before the Courts, we assist you in carrying out your projects and advise you on the legal aspects that need to be considered in the decision-making process. Our goal: solutions for the future . . . in a fast-developing world.


– Land-use planning
– Environment
– Municipal
– Access to information and protection of personal data
– Invitations to tender and bid
– Electoral Law
– Law on schooling
– Energy
– Ethics and deontology
– Expropriation
– Municipal taxation
– By-product management
– Legislation and regulation
– Labour relations
– Urban planning (e.g., zoning, land parcelling)
– Agricultural zoning

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