We have recognized expertise in municipal and administrative law.

Our work group’s efficiency rests on the quality and expertise of its members. Our preoccupation with increasing our knowledge and keeping up to speed in a legal context that is constantly evolving, along with ongoing exchanges among members of our team, guarantee the quality of our services.

We advise and represent a very large group of local or regional municipalities as well as paramunicipal agencies, such as intermunicipal management boards, before judicial and administrative agencies.

We also act as legal advisors or litigators for governmental agencies and paragovernmental agencies and school boards.

Here are the main fields we cover

– Access to information and protection of personal information
– Administrative
– Tenders and bids
– Civil (construction, boundaries)
– Judicial control and government liability
– Professional bodies
– Constitutional
– Disciplinary
– Electoral Law
– Energy
– Rights and freedoms
– Environment
– Ethics and deontology

– Expropriation
– Municipal tax laws (property assessment, taxation)
– By-product management
– Governance and government agencies
– Legislation and regulations
– Municipal
– Public and parapublic agencies
– Penal
– Labour (labour relations, contracts, CSST)
– Schools
– Urbanism (e.g., zoning, land parcelling)
– Agricultural zoning

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