Your pharmacy. Your first steps. Your pharmacy’s continuity. Your retirement. All free of complications.


An esteemed and experienced team in the field that understands your reality.

A network of contacts established in the pharmaceutical world: pharmacists, banners, accountants, tax professionals, Québec Order of Pharmacists, financial institutions, brokers, and other professionals.

A comprehensive approach giving you access to specific information, specialized service, and allowing you to reach your goals by reducing the risk of pitfalls, delays, and costs.

Accompaniment and support for the duration of your project.

Hundreds of transactions. Dozens of satisfied pharmacists cannot be wrong. A unique clientele requires a unique approach. This is what we provide. In all modesty.


  • Incorporation of pharmacies and joint ownership of the pharmacy (e.g., partnership, limited partnership)
  • Acquisition and sale of pharmacies (assets or shares)
  • Successorship and association of pharmacists
  • Drafting and negotiation of documents: purchase bids, purchase-sale documents, shareholder or partner agreements, and more
  • Review and negotiation of agreements with the banners, franchise or affiliation agreements, commercial lease, assignment of lease, or sublease
  • Corporate restructuring, updating, tax rollover
  • Setting up financing and securities (e.g., acquisition,association)
  • Disciplinary law and pharmacist deontology
  • Advice concerning compliance of certain practices with regulations of the Québec Order of Pharmacists
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